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Green Sheet

The Douglas is proud to participate in Seattle City Light's BUILT SMART program which helps to enable buildings to conserve resources while providing a healthy, comfortable living environment. Douglas is Built Smart. What does that mean? And why is it important?

It's Green

It matters because…

Extra insulation in floors, ceilings and walls It's quieter to study. The building holds heat in the winter and be cooler in the summer.
Energy-saving windows The building costs less to heat and cool - the savings are then passed on to you!
Long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting Why burn resources when we don't have to?
Healthy ventilation and high-efficiency thermostats Breathing clean air is a good thing. Saving power and resources is too!
Energy and water-efficient washing machines Even though it rains in Seattle, we need to conserve our fresh water. Why use it up on sweaty t-shirts?