I receive Financial Aid. Can I use it for rent at Douglas? Yes. Douglas is a qualified housing option for Financial Aid. Come see us!
If I live at Douglas, can I still use my Financial Aid to pay for campus meal plans? Yes. Everyone living at Douglas can still have a campus meal plan and students can use their Financial Aid to pay for them.
Can I tour the Douglas now? Yes. Office hours are Monday - Friday 10am-6pm. Come on over!
I'm a Sophomore, can I live at Douglas? YesUCan. Douglas is open to Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Law Students and Grads!

The Building

What kinds of common areas are there? There are lots of fun places to congregate with friends at the Douglas. In addition to a fitness room off of the lobby, the Resident Life Space features a media room, kitchenette, conference rooms, a laundry room, and a central courtyard and rain garden with patio furniture.
What types of floor plans are available? Douglas likes variety. One, Two, Four, and Five bedroom plans are available so that you can choose who and how many friends you'd like to share your space with.
What are the finishes of the apartments? Each brand spanking new apartment features:
  • Wood-style flooring
  • Carpet in living and bedroom spaces
  • Ceramic tile and glass backsplash in the kitchen
  • Kitchen islands
  • Private bathrooms with a bathtub/shower
  • Privacy deadbolt locks on every bedroom
Are there washers and dryers? Yes! Douglas doesn't like dirty socks lying around so there's a laundry room on-site with 13 washers and dryers. Sorry…your mom won't be here to do the laundry for you.
Is there parking? Parking for cars and bicycles is available. Check with the Douglas leasing team for details.
What about bike storage? Absolutely. There's a dedicated secure bike storage room in the garage for you to lock your bike up when you're not riding around town. There is also ample bike parking on the sidewalks around the Douglas.
Are the units furnished or unfurnished? Living at Douglas is easy! Each suite comes fully furnished with:

  • Bed
  • Desk and chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet
  • Cable TV and SU network connectivity

Common area:
  • A couch
  • Two chairs
  • A coffee table
  • Two stools for the kitchen island
  • Appliances! Stove, oven, microwave, fridge, garbage disposal and dishwasher
  • Cable TV and SU network connectivity

Can I bring my own furniture if I want? Of course! This is YOUR home. Feel free to bring your favorite chair, table, or whatever else you'd like to make your life at Douglas comfortable.
Are there dishwashers? Yes! No dish pan hands for you. Each suite has a brand new dishwasher to keep your plates and glasses sparkling clean.
Are there garbage disposals? But of course! All modern conveniences have been accounted for at Douglas.
What kind of heat is in the units? No Snuggies required at Douglas. Each room has individually controlled wall heaters so you can set the temperature to your own liking.
What kind of flooring is in the units? Douglas is ready to keep your feet clean and cozy with a combination of wood-style flooring and brand new carpeting in the living room and bedrooms.
Does each apartment have its own hot water heater? Or is it a common boiler? You won't have to worry about cold showers when you're a Douglas resident. Hot water is supplied through a central building boiler – on demand when you need and want it.
What utilities will I have to pay for? You've got enough to focus on other than paying bills. So, Douglas has made it easy. All utilities are included in your rent, including water, gas, electricity, and basic cable.
Is cable TV provided for the building? You'll never miss your favorite episode of Glee when you live at the Douglas. Basic cable is included in your rent. The SU channel will be available as well.
Is there free wi-fi throughout the building, including the apartments? Yes! In your apartment, in the great room, or even while you're on the treadmill – you'll always be connected.
Is Douglas connected to the SU network? Douglas is wired and ready for you to instantly connect to the SU network when you move-in. All Douglas common areas are also be connected so you'll be free to roam and work at your leisure.
Is the entrance secure? Yes! Once you move in to the Douglas you will get your very own card key which will unlock the main entry doors.
How will I let guests in? No doubt that you'll want to have your friends over to your new Douglas home, so every Douglas resident will be listed in the directory at the front door. Your visitors will buzz you and you'll be able to let them in using a dedicated phone in your apartment. For added security (and fun!), we have also included a camera so you can check online to see who is coming to visit you.
Is there a gym in the building? If so, what type of equipment does it have? Beat the freshman 15 at Douglas. There's a fully-equipped fitness room – with a treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bicycle so you can spin your heart out.
Is there a rooftop terrace? No rooftop terrace, but there's a giant garden terrace on the main level where you'll be able to study in the sun or lounge around with your friends.
Are there decks on the apartments? Lots of natural light streaming in through large windows, but no individual decks. You will of course be able to enjoy the outdoors in the garden courtyard on the main level of Douglas.
Is the building Green Built? If so, what are the green features? Not only Green, but Smart! Douglas is Built Smart. What does that mean? And why is it important? Check out the specific "green" features.
Is there a guest suite available? If so, how can we use it? All Douglas apartments are for rent by students. If you have guests visiting who need a place to stay, check in with the Douglas management team. They'll be able and willing to help you find accommodations.
What types of restaurants are near the Douglas? Well, what are you in the mood for? Pizza and Pasta? Ethiopian? Thai? The choice is yours. Douglas' neighbors include a wide variety of restaurants and coffee shops. Check out the full listing on the Douglas neighborhood map.
Can I still have a campus meal plan if I live at the Douglas? Douglas would never let you go hungry! You can keep your campus meal plan AND hone your culinary skills in your new Douglas kitchen.
Are there phone lines in the building? Do I have to sign-up for phone service? With wireless access throughout, Douglas is land line free. So charge up your iPhones and open up your laptops and avoid the extra cost (and hassle) of a land line.
What retailers are in the building? Douglas loves smoothies – and savasana. Your new neighbors are Cherry Street Coffee House and Mountain Flow Yoga. We're excited to have them!


What is the rent? Douglas offers lots of different rent options. Check with the Douglas leasing team for full details on rents and lease terms.
How do I get on the waitlist? Connect with the Douglas leasing team to get an application which will secure your space!
What is the term of the lease? Douglas leases run for a term of 12 months, starting in September. Not around during the summer? No problem. You can sublet your apartment when you don't need it. Check with the Douglas leasing team for details.
Do my parents have to sign the lease? Hey – everyone needs a little support now and then. In cases where you may need some financial support, your parents can sign a "Guarantor Form." Check in with the Douglas leasing team for details.
Will I share one lease with all of my roommates? While you might be sharing a bathroom, you won't be sharing a lease. At the Douglas you are recognized as the individual that you are and each roommate will have their own lease.
Is there a deposit? Douglas is fair. Upon signing of your lease, you will be asked to provide a refundable deposit and a non-refundable cleaning fee. As always, talk with the Douglas leasing team for more details.
Is there an application fee? A small application fee is collected at the time of application. Check in with the Douglas leasing team for more details and to submit your application.
When/how do I get my deposit back? Take good care of Douglas and Douglas takes good care of you. Your security deposit is fully refundable when you move-out if you leave everything in good order.
What if my roommate causes damage? Am I still responsible? Each Douglas resident will be responsible for his/her own bedroom space. All apartment common areas (living room, kitchen, bathroom) will be the shared responsibility of all roommates.
If you assign me a roommate and we don't get along, can I get out of my lease? Trained Douglas Resident Advisors will be on-hand to help you with any issues or challenges that you are having with a roommate.
Would it be possible to switch units with someone else if we both agreed to do so? Looking to switch it up a bit? Check in with the Resident Advisors and the Douglas management team if you and a friend are looking for a change.
Can I sub-lease my apartment? Yes! If you find you aren't going to be at the Douglas for a period of time, sub-lease options are available. Contact the Douglas management team if and when the need arises.
What are the requirements to apply and be accepted to live here? The Douglas leasing team has prepared a complete eligibility document for your convenience. Check in with one of the team members for details.
How do I pay my rent? Douglas has lots of options for how you can pay rent, including an automatic payment transfer from your bank account. Contact one of the Douglas leasing team members for details.
Who will I call for maintenance? Douglas will be professionally managed and maintained. If you are in need of maintenance, you will simply need to contact the management team. Details will be provided to you when you move in.
Can I apply when I'm a Freshman to live there when I'm a Junior? Super excited about living at Douglas? We understand. Talk with one of the Douglas leasing team members about details.
Can I rent a room in a multi-bedroom apartment even if I don't have any roommates? Yes!! It's called "Douglas-match"! The leasing team will be matching friends of Douglas together to create roommate opportunities for the multi-bedroom suites.
Do I get to choose which suite I want? Groups who come in together to rent entire Douglas suites will get priority in selecting their desired homes.

Living at the Douglas

Will there be Resident Advisors? Douglas is super excited to have Adam-Jon Aparicio as the first Residence Hall Director. Adam-Jon will be working with a team of Resident Advisors who will be planning fun activities and who will be onsite to help with anything you need.
Are the rules the same as all other residence halls on campus? Yes and no. Douglas supports the Seattle University Code of Conduct but may have some varying guidelines in comparison to other SU residence halls. The Douglas team will make sure you are well informed when you move in.
Can I have pets? If your pets live in water in little glass bowls, bring them! If your pet is a furry four-legged, unfortunately Douglas won't be able to accommodate.
Can I live at the Douglas if I'm a Freshman or Sophomore? This may be a possibility. Talk with one of the Douglas leasing team members about details.
Are there restrictions on how many people can share one apartment? Douglas wants to make sure everyone has their own personal space, so it will be one person per bedroom in every apartment.
Can I have guests/friends spend the night? Sleepovers are allowed, but we recommend you chat with your roommates first to make sure everyone is happy with the arrangements.
Can I have a roommate of opposite sex? Douglas apartments are designated as same-sex suites but will be mixed on each floor.
Will there be regularly planned events/activities in the community? Of course! There will be lots of fun happening at the Douglas. The Resident Advisor team will work with all of the residents to plan regular events and activities. Get ready for some good times!
Can I smoke in my apartment? Cough cough. Choke choke. Douglas says "no smoke." No smoking allowed at Douglas.
Can I drink alcohol in my apartment? In the common spaces? Per the Seattle University Code of Conduct, alcohol will be permitted. Be sure to check with Resident Advisors if you have any questions.
Can I reserve the community room for parties? The Douglas Resident Advisors will be figuring out all of the details for how the common areas can be used. Please be sure to share your ideas, needs, and wants.